Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Creative Inheritance

When I was in Israel this last time, God was really talking to me about how He had given me the gift of expression. In music, art, writing, etc... Very renaissance, I know. So I am starting this blog, this personal blog to cover all of those areas, plus expressing a little more about the things I ponder, laugh about and pray for. So, you never know what you will find here. In fact, I don't know what will end up here. Just know that you have been invited to this expression. It may sound presumptious but, this gift is for all of us. What is your gift to share?

I read a devotional once (shocking, I know) that talked about the creative life. In it, she explained that if we are to be like Jesus, God, etc. We must understand His nature. He is Creator. If we are like Him, then these desires to create are just as much apart of being like Him as any of the other attributes. It is wrong of me to diminish this part of me, subduing it into a regimented mold of what "creativity" looks like or will produce. As creative people, we usually stop ourselves before we get started because we don't think we can make anything good enough.

A very good friend of mine once stated that she would love to make things with her hands, but she didn't want to make anything that "looked like a kindergartner did it!" I thought about it. And said,

"Oh, Beth, there are so many things you could do!" I love going to her house. Her choice of colors and her style in her home and fashion prove that she has quite the eye. So one afternoon, I packed up my supplies and headed over to her house.

Mosaics! We had such a great time. I saw her eyes light up with arranging the colors and making something she was proud of! .Not too soon after that I left a care package on her front step, not knowing it would be starting her own studio A box full of possibilities. She has gone on to sell her beautiful work and custom pieces that are infused with her life and personal style. Her voice was loud and clear.

It also has managed to echo in her life and my own. We have all of these beautiful pieces of experiences, love, trials, difficulties, sorrows, lands of barreness and lands of plenty. Many of them have broken before our very eyes, yet placed strategically paint an exquisitely intricate picture of the individual God CREATED us to be! We cannot look at Him and tell the Creator, your creation (me) is not good enough. He knew and knows what He is doing!

(if you are interested in Beth's work, click HERE! )

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  1. I look forward to frequent little glimpses into your life, your art and your thoughts. Honored to be part of your very first post. Keep 'em coming.